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Take Up a Challenge in China

By: Shelagh, posted 13th March '13

Ever looked at all the fantastic adventures you can take part in, while raising money for charity?

Well I did one years ago, and have decided to take the plunge again. One of the best things about these challenges is that you get to talk about your trip ALL the time – even before you’ve gone. It is fantastic, and also gives you chance to talk about the charity you are supporting.

In October I am off to Run the Great Wall of China. I have signed up for this 9 day challenge in aid of the Meningitis Trust. The challenge looks exciting and challenging, with two half-marathons, a 15km run, plus some tough trekking across the Great Wall of China. If you want to join me then check out where there are loads of other trips to choose from too.

Why? You may ask. Well I work for the charity so I have seen at close hand what fantastic work they do, and I have learned so much about this terrible disease. Did you know that ANYONE can get meningitis? Lots of people think it is only young children who are affected. It is true that meningitis is the biggest killer of under 2’s in this country, but it can kill or maim anyone. Meningitis is a cruel and potentially fatal disease that can leave a person fighting for their life within just hours of falling ill. Those who survive meningitis can be left with debilitating after effects including limb loss; deafness; blindness; brain damage; organ damage; severe scarring; memory loss; epilepsy; learning and behavioural problems.

The Meningitis Trust not only helps those directly affected, but their family as well. Our professionally qualified nurses, community team, counsellors and therapists provide expert support. We also offer financial support – which can help with a huge range of items, from funeral costs to artificial limbs. We also work hard to let people know how to spot meningitis. Fast medical intervention is essential to save lives and reduce the after effects.

If you would like to sponsor me you can do it via

Please don’t think you are just paying for my holiday – I will be making sure that I have personally paid the costs of the trip – your donations will go to Meningitis Trust.

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