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Oi....1, 2, 3, 4 Pack your bags!!!!

By: rollthejones, posted 18th March '13

12 days to go and bags need to be packed. But what exactly should I take and how much???

This has been a worry since I booked the trip. As a weekend hiker I only possessed 1 pair of hiking pants, 2 base layers, a fleece, jacket and a good pair of scarpa boots. Everything needed for a full day in the Welsh Mountains. 23 days in the Himalaya's however is a totally different prospect.

That's where Cotswold Outdoors team came to the rescue. 80% of the kit I'm taking with me was purchased from them because of the information, advice, friendly and "no pressure" staff that work there. There is NO better advice you can get when planning a trip, than the advice of someone who has actually been there and done it.

From advice on what type of Down Jacket to get, to little tips on how to cut down on packaging and increase the space in your trek bag and reduce its weight. I owe a HUGE thanks to Mike and Chris from Cotswold in Betws y Coed for all their help and advice on what level of clothing and equipment I would need, and also how much I would need to last for the 23 days. Your help was invaluable. Even down to the leaflet you gave me for Lancashire Sports Repairs. They have just resoled my Scarpa boots, which I bought from Cotswold Betws about 12 years ago!

So, everything has been dry bagged ready for packing (hope it all fits), right down to the tiniest, little dry bag I could find, which has 1.5kg of chocolate and goodies in it...... oops!! All that remains is for the final 12 days in work to fly by. I'm not a celebrity, but get me the hell over there NOW!!. Nepal here I come! :-)


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