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By: Anon, posted 9th November '12

I left London on a flight to Istanbul, which delivered me at 3 in the morning. A few hours of sleep in the airport were called for before I headed out into the city to make the most of my 14-hour layover.
I spent a pleasant morning walking around Sultanahmet and Beyoglu, watching people fishing in the Bosphorus and checking out the modern art museum. By mid-afternoon I was worn out and headed back to the airport, where I kipped for another hour or two before boarding the flight to Addis. Although it was a night flight, the views were awesome - the moon rose and was reflected in the Gulf of Aden and the lakes of the Nile above Aksum.
On arriving in Addis Ababa I got a belated lift to the hotel and collapsed in happy exhaustion. The following day was spent walking around the city and getting a feel for the place, and today I have met up with my trekking group. Tomorrow we're off to the walled city of Gondar, and then into the highlands...

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