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Welcome to the KE Blog – a fantastic feature where you can share your holiday travel experiences

There are many different ways that a blog can be written and used. On these pages you could for example write a story about a recent adventure travel holiday, ask questions to fellow travellers or share hot tips on what you pack when travelling.

Trip leaders (UK and local), KE staff members, My KE users are all bloggers so their stories will be from all points of view and from different places in the world.

You can also add a picture of your travels or video footage to represent your story and inspire fellow travellers to read your blog.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

KE Adventure Blogger of the year for 2012 was Fraser Mackay with his blog of our Mera & Island Peak Trek in Nepal. He won £100 worth of Cotswold Vouchers.

>> read Fraser Mackay's winning Blog

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2012 Expedition to Malaysian Borneo by Sophie Hogan @ Ipswich School
KE Office Staff - KE Adventure Travel
posted 14th November '12
On the morning of 7th July (well only just) 29 very grumpy but excited Sixth Form students boarded the coach to Heathrow Airport, where we were due to…
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